Today's Pick: Peas

Sunday, June 04, 2006
This afternoon, we harvested our crop of peas. All six pods. Yep, that's right. Just six.

OK, I realize this probably doesn't seem newsworthy at all, but considering that we only got one single measly pod last year -- yes, only one! -- this represents a substantial improvement in our yield. Last year we split open that one prized pod and each ate two peas. Done!

The problem last year was that I planted them too late -- I think it was late April. And the more experienced gardeners were quick to tell me that peas had to be planted very early -- no later than March 15th. (March 15th?! I'm just taking down my Christmas decorations around March 15th. Isn't that too early?) OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration about the Christmas decorations, but March 15th is still wintertime to me.

Anyway, I followed the recommendation and got them in the ground on time this year. But I didn't plant very many. We just don't have the space in our plot to plant enough to yield a whole bowlful. To be honest, I just plant a few because I like the way the plants look, and because they're good for the soil.

But we do enjoy our once-a-year token handful -- the chance to experience their fresh pea-y goodness, grown from our own plot of dirt.


Blogger Stunned Donor said...

I planted my peas well before the May 15th "last frost date" here and I have two, twenty-four foot long rows of peas just beginning to pod. I'm so excited!

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always great fun to read and I am learning too--Aunt G

3:24 PM  

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