It's Not a Zucchini

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
A few weeks ago, I planted a zucchini seed in this spot. I swear, I did.

"Are you sure those were zucchini seeds you planted?" asked hubby.

"Yup, that's what I planted. I'm positive." I replied.

Well, this doesn't look like any zucchini I've ever seen before. In fact, it looks like a pretty darn healthy sunflower, perkily growing along and mocking me every time I go back to check for a zucchini seedling. But I didn't even have sunflower seeds with me the day I planted the zucchini -- I swear, I didn't! So how did this happen? I'll add this one to the Weirdness Files, I guess.

Too bad this imposter decided to plant itself boldly near the middle of the garden. It can't stay there; it will take up too much space and create too much shade, most likely. So I think this is going to be our first candidate for a guerilla gardening project we've been cooking up. (Her voice lowers to a whisper...) You see, there's this fence nearby that looks a little drab... and now I've got this extra sunflower on my hands... So...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder where the zucchini went? Isn't it odd when this sort of plant mystery happens? Are the sunflower roots holding the zucchini seed hostage underground? Yes, this certainly gets filed in the Weirdness Files. Nice looking sunflower!

8:23 AM  
Blogger Kalyn Denny said...

I agree, that looks like a sunflower. They grow like weeds!

9:00 AM  
Blogger Liz Parsons said...

i have guerrila sunflowers as well. a couple of dwarf zinnias i stuck in my herb garden are now almost 2 feet tall, and have turned out to be sunflowers. i think mine came from a bag of birdseed a squirrel ate a hole into.

10:38 AM  
Blogger obachan said...

Keep us updated with your guerilla gardening project (if you decided to go for it...)

1:19 AM  
Blogger Carol Michel said...

Do you suppose... someone is "guerilla gardening" in your garden, when you aren't looking? Maybe switching seeds on you to see what you do? I would blame the rabbits, if you see any!

11:05 PM  

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