Spooky Brussels

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Witches and ghosts weren't the only spooky things around the neighborhood for Halloween. My Brussels sprouts plant was looking pretty frightening too!

The ugliness set in while I was gone for a few weeks last month. The whiteflies came back with a vengeance, something ate big holes in the leaves, and gray moldy stuff grew all over most of the plant. There were houseflies all over it too. I wouldn't be surprised if it had warts.

Surprisingly, despite all the yuckiness, the plant is actually starting to produce sprouts now. (Although I must say, they look downright unappetizing at this point.) Maybe when we get frost, all of the ick will die and the poor plant will have a fighting chance. Bad gardener, me; I just wasn't around to help it out sooner.


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