Returning to the Garden

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am back from vacation now and getting back into the garden. Not unexpectedly, I found it brimming to the top of the fence with weeds and seeds and things that need tending to. It's as if everything grew to its highest height to shout, 'Don't forget us while you're gone!' And then, exhausted and dejected, faded into an unruly tangle of wants and want-nots that all have to be sorted out before autumn's end.

Yes, that is the same radish I photographed a month ago, now all grown up and waiting to live out its glorious fate in a salad or something. Everything in the garden is begging for attention.

Most urgent on our to-do list is to prepare a cozy and nutritious bed of soil where we can tuck away our garlic bulbs for the winter. We spent two hours yesterday grasping at weeds, turning the soil, and making a large contribution to the community compost pile. Much more to do yet... and in the light of shortening days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Christa! Good to see you posting again.

:-) Genie
The Inadvertent Gardener

1:21 PM  

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