Beginner's Guide to Growing Food in DC

Sunday, January 27, 2008
Vegetables I grew at DC's Newark Street Community Garden

Susan Harris of DC Urban Gardeners (and Garden Rant and Sustainable Gardening) asked me recently if I would be willing to compile a basic primer on growing food. On the one hand, I was completely flattered that she asked me to take on this task. On the other, I thought, Who me? The one who dug up and replanted all her potatoes last spring because she thought she'd planted them upside down? (Note to newbie potato growers: Do not repeat my laughable mistake. Potatoes will find their way, even if you put them in the ground with their "eyes" facing downward.)

So, even though I only have four years of veggie growing experience (and a lot of trial and error at that), I compiled a Beginner's Guide to Growing Food in DC. It's posted on the DC Urban Gardeners blog. Please head over there to read it and add your comments. We want this to be a great resource for people who'd like to grow some of their own food here in the local area, and tips from food growers everywhere will be incorporated, too. Please, comment away!


Blogger kate said...

This is great, Christa! I am sure it will helpful for new gardeners. I'm on my way to check it out now, even though I'm trying to get a blog post written. Ah, the joys of procrastination - that's how I often discover interesting things to read.

11:02 PM  
Blogger Potager Life said...

Oh, I wish someone would write a guide for my area... Hey, wait a minute, what about me?

Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

1:28 AM  
Blogger said...

That is hilarious about the potatoes being dug up and being replanted! You made my day with that one. And as both Celia and I have posted in recent days, its the Int. Year of the Potato (check it out)!

Alberta Postcards, was Sand to Glass

7:16 PM  

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