Garlic is Planted

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Michael planted the last head of garlic today. That completes our garlic planting for this year.

We put in a total of six bulbs all together. At about five or six cloves per bulb, that should mean we'll have about 30-35 heads of garlic to harvest next June. If all goes well.

We were a little late with our planting this year. The rule of thumb around here is that garlic should go in the ground around Columbus Day, which was October 9th. That way, the cloves have time to sprout and get established before the freezing weather sets in.

So we'll have to see how the late start affects the crop. I am guessing it will mean we get smaller-than-expected garlic heads. But small garlic is better than no garlic, right? I am hoping for the best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Own grown garlic is simply the best!

10:58 AM  

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