What's new this year?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
My mother-in-law, in an e-mail last week, asked, "What are you planting new in the garden this year?"

My greatest hope is that we will have fresh strawberries. I found a few runners that were cast off by other gardeners last summer. They have since settled quite nicely into our vegetable plot. Upon seeing them there, Juan, our well experienced but sometimes overly critical gardening friend exclaimed (with his exasperated Argentinian accent), "What are you guys doing? Strawberries invade everywhere! Next year, this whole section will be full of strawberries!"

Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself, 'Great! Perfect! If only I could be so fortunate to have strawberries growing everywhere!'

There is nothing like a fresh-picked strawberry. Michael predicts that none of them will ever make it back to our apartment. I will eat them right on the spot.

Other edibles we are going to try this year are edamame (soybeans), bok choy, and romaine lettuce. Michael is looking forward to expanding the herb garden and growing lots of tomatoes. He likes the San Marzano variety in particular. They are the type that is used in classic Neapolitan pizza sauce. I am hoping we have an abundant crop, and many delicious pizzas in our future.

In the flower section of my garden, I am going to try globe amaranth, hyacinth beans, Chinese lanterns, and larkspur. Last year, I planted a whole package of larkspur and saw not a single one. Maybe this year will be better.

I am also looking forward to a return showing of my tried-and-true favorites: dahlias, cockscomb, sunflowers, and calendula.


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