Thursday, February 16, 2006
I love watching the Winter Olympics. And not just this time around, but every four years. I am somewhat of a fanatic about it. For one, I love winter and I like to watch all of the amazing things people have invented to do on snow and ice. And two, I love the Olympic Spirit -- when the athletes dig in deep and give it everything they've got, whether that means 1st or 21st in the end.

In the Olympic frame of mind, I decided to take a web tour over to Italy. I wondered what kinds of gardens I might find. If I lived in a city in Italy, I know I'd want to adorn my dwelling with a container garden like this one.

Somewhere outside of the city, there is a field of irises at the foot of a mountain. Check out this photo: Favignana Flowers. Isn't that beautiful?

And, because I could never be on a low-carb diet in Italy (or anywhere for that matter), I would hope there is a panetteria nearby. Yum!!


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