Peas were planted...

Friday, March 17, 2006
Today at the garden:

1. Spinach and peas were planted.
2. Bok choy and radishes sprouted.
3. Baby romaine lettuces began getting their mature reddish tint.
4. I discovered that rhubarb chard gets big tuber roots. (Who knew?) So I dug them back in.
5. A robin scurried through the plot looking for worms.
6. Fellow gardeners built beds, hauled mulch, and turned soil.
7. Mockingbirds shivered as they sang their little hearts out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I am visiting for the first time. How great you have planted your peas & there is pink to view. And you grow garlic in DC! Fabulous. I feel as if I had a true breath of spring. I have to wait a little longer where I live--ground still frozen.

7:27 PM  

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