A Perfect Moment in Spring

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Washington, D.C. is perfectly beautiful right now. The famous cherry trees get all the attention in late March and early April, but this period right now -- after the cherry blossoms have faded -- is actually my favorite moment of a D.C. spring.

Within the past two weeks or so, the leaves on the trees have "popped" and everything is cast in a vibrant shade of new baby green. The dogwoods -- pink and white -- are in full bloom, along with the azaleas ranging in color from pale pink to deep red to brilliant fuschia. It looks as if people's yards are dressed with sugar-coated trees, puffs of cotton candy, and gumdrop tulips -- like gingerbread houses remodeled for a new season. Mix this with an occasional waft of lilac in the air. It is just simply beautiful.


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